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Airlines  and Flights to Uganda.

Entebbe International Airport is the Uganda’s open gate to the rest of the world. Many international flights fly to Uganda through Entebbe Airport our gateway to the rest of the world. Recently Uganda Airlines was re-instated  and is currently flying to regional airports and soon will be doing international flights to boost tourist flying to Uganda for Uganda safaris and tours.

Many International  Airlines now fly to Uganda through Entebbe Airport. Among these include KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Turkish Airlines,  Brussels airlines, Kenya Airways, Emirates Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines , Egypt Air  Qatar Airways and many more are operating  daily flights to Entebbe Airport. Other many more regional air and charter flights are available to our national parks and regional airports of Nairobi, Arusha Kilimanjaro, Dares slam Kigali, and Bumbura.

You can easily fly to Uganda from all corners of the world easily with no difficulty in connection. Travel Hemispheres can arrange your flights on request.

Uganda Money Currency : What Currency is Commonly Used in Uganda

Uganda has its own currency  called ‘ Uganda Shilling currency’  and is convertible to international currencies like US Dollars, UK Pound Sterling and Euros.  Cash  is easily exchanged  at bank counters and foreign exchange (forex) bureaus.  Forex Bureaus offer slightly better rates than banks.  Small notes , both banks and forex bureaus offer much lower rates and some do not accept them . For US $ Dollars please carry with  you notes  denomination of 50s and 100s which are easily accepted here.  Exchange rates in Kampala are better than rates offered up country .  So it is advisable to change your funds  while still in Kampala .  Please ask your tour consultant   at Travel Hemispheres the amount you need to exchange or carry on you  for your personal expenses.  VISA and other credit cards are widely acceptable  in the country and in major hotels and lodges. Travel Hemispheres accept credit cards and can  clients  can pay us  using credit cards wherever  you are with easy and will confirm receipt of your funds.

Visa  and Entry Fees for tourist in Uganda

Uganda Immigration authorities may change without notice. It is advisable to  every traveler to pay attention  before embarking  to fly to Uganda to avoid fines  or travel interruptions. Single visa charge is at US $ 50 per individual and US $ 100 for multiple visa entry. Visa Fees are non refundable. Other than Airport , entry  border points will issue you visa to enter into Uganda on arrival. Alternatively will you can apply for visa at our  consular and embassies abroad in your home country.

Visitors intending to Visit Uganda , Rwanda and Kenya can apply for East African  Tourist Visa and will help you to visit all these 3 countries at no extra cost. You can visit this website: for more information.  When you intend to obtain your visa upon arrival at Entebbe airport please confirm with your airline allows you to board without visa.  Your passport should at least still have 6 months before expiry . Uganda immigration will impose charges to overstay in the country  and can even detain until all charges are paid. In case of extension will re apply for visa at the Uganda Immigration Headquarters on Jinja Road.

Travel Vaccines and Malaria Prevention.

Yellow Fever Vaccine is essential before arriving in Uganda. Yellow Fever certificates are issued after vaccination has been administered on you and is valid for some years. It is also recommended that Hepatitis A and B, Mengitis, tetanus , Polio and Typhoid vaccine can be administered . Uganda is prone Malaria country  and at least 4-6 weeks of travelling can check yourself and get medicines to protect you from  malaria.  You will take prescription medicine before and after your trip to prevent malaria.


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