Snow Capped Mountains Uganda

The Uganda Mountain Rwenzori Mountains

A trip into the Rwenzori is an exhilaration and rewarding experience but one, which must be well planned. The key to an enjoyable visit is to be prepared. The central circuit hike takes six nights seven days and reaches an altitude of  (4267metres) above sea level. The conditions and the mountain are a challenge to even inexperienced hiker.

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The Rwenzori Mountains are fascinating mountains in the western Rift Valley one of the country’s prime attractions. Ruwenzori’s features include geothermal activity, numerous lakes and jagged, block mountains known as the ‘’ mountains of the moon’’. The mountains depict the Giant Roberia & Margherita glacier. Astride the mountains sits Queen Elizabeth National Park home to lions and elephants, many hippos, buffalo and other animals it’s a fantastic place

This Rwenzori mountain is known for its steep and slippery trails and frequent rain. Rainfall and cold temperatures, bogs, mud, stiff terrain and high altitude make it a challenging trip. Nevertheless, it’s exciting! You should need to try it! Since during much of the year mud, Rain, Mist and wind occur daily, adequate clothing (and a mental altitude!) for these conditions are a must. The periods of July-August and December-February are relatively dry and inexperienced hikers are the best seasons for a trek.

During any season, rain gear, good sleeping bags, warm hats, gloves, heavy shocks, gumboots, gaiters and a walking steak for balance (and to probe the mud) are recommended. A basic first aid kit is a necessity.

Porters will be carrying your heavy equipment and food, leaving a small pack with rain gear, warm clothes (on higher sections), cameras, water bottles, snacks and lunch. Purchase your own food (in Kasese or Kampala). Travel hemispheres will provide  cooking utensils and cooks

There are a variety of accommodation facilities in Mountain Rwenzori National Park and these are Ruboni community camp, Rwenzori backpackers Or will stay at Kasese town with many hotels of variety stars

Park Activities and Attractions

Mountain Climbing
Mountain climbing is the key activity in Rwenzori mountain national park. Two hiking trails that lead travelers to the summit of the mountain are:

The Central Circuit Trail:
This starts from the trailhead at Mihunga providing a circular seven-day challenging climb tour of the high Rwenzori. From Mihunga, the route slopes past Nyabitaba along the Bujuku valley and then heads to the peaks. Along the slopes, climbers can view the snow peaks of the mountains.

Kilembe Trail
This ascends the Southern slopes of Rwenzori from the trailhead at Kilembe near Kasese town. This route takes you past glacial lakes along the Nyamwamba valley and then it joins the Central Circuit at Lake Kitandara.

Nature Walks
Nature walks to Lake Muhooma and through Buraro chimp forest, walks to the Karangura ridge through the communities of Kichwamba as well as hiking to the Bundibugyo area through the Bwamba Pass.
Guided forest walks are also done through the communities of Ruhoni and Turaco view where can trail along River Mobuku. Continued hikes to above 2,300m allow you to see Baker and Portal peaks and on a clear day, it is even possible to view the eye-catching snow-capped Margherita peak. Amazing species like the chameleon, squirrels, Vervet monkeys and various birds.

The Rwenzori national park has got an exciting view of unlimited bird species that have chosen this inhospitable environment as their home. These include among others bee-eaters, robins, sunbirds and barbets, the Rwenzori Turaco, long-eared owl. Higher hikers can also view the bearded vulture, swifts and black eagles.

Cultural Encounters
The cultural trail with the Mihunga community tourism group and Turaco view takes you for a village cultural tour where you encounter a traditional healer’s demonstration, a village school, crafts displays and finally be entertained with a lively traditional dance performance. You can’t afford to miss the encounter with the rich culture of the Bakonzo during the Bulemba-Ihandiro Cultural Trail. While on this trail, an experienced local guide introduces you to the traditional healer locally known as “Muhima”, and to a local blacksmith. The residents also introduce you to their basket weaving and fire-making skills. The final part of the trail takes you across the Kamusonge River whose water the locals treasure so much because it is believed to b so sweet and quickly quenches thirst. Finally, a visit to the traditional thatched Konzo style museum displays the implements used during the Rwenzururu struggle as well as other items of historical and cultural importance to the Rwenzururu tribe including traditional dresses, handicrafts and many more.

How to get to Rwenzori National Park|Traveling to Rwenzori National Park

By road:
Kampala from the north via Fort Portal (375km)  Kampala from the south passing via Mbarara to Kasese From Kampala 75km south on the fort portal/Kasese road, the park is 25km from Kasese town.

By Air:
Chartered planes are available from Entebbe or Kampala (Kajjansi)  to Kasese airport