Uganda Wildlife Education Center & Botanical Gardens
Uganda Wildlife Education Center

Uganda Wildlife Center formerly known, as Entebbe zoo is located in Entebbe town and is another fascinating place to visit. This place offers Uganda at glance.

The Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC) was formed in 1994 from the old Entebbe Zoo. This followed years of neglect that resulted into serious breakdown of infrastructure and loss of valuable animals. The government of Uganda recognized the need to set up an institution that would provide leadership in educating Ugandans about the benefit of conserving the biodiversity of the country, one of the reasons of the recovery process that the country was going through, as a benefit to tourism, the second highest contributor to the national Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Numerous conservation education programs are offered both on-site and off-site, valuable internship opportunities are offered to Ugandans and foreigners in CE and wild animal care. UWEC as member of numerous international organizations, also participates in knowledge building through contributing to scientific researches and knowledge databases.

By participating in the visitor programs at UWEC, you directly contribute to the operational cost of the center; animal food, quarantine, medical care, rescue etc as well as our campaigns and programs aimed at keeping wildlife in the wild. TRAVEL HEMISPHERES will help you arrange a day tour or to take part in Volunteer programs at the this Wildlife Education Centre. No matter how small or insignificant you think any of your support can be, it makes a lot of difference to the rescued and confiscated animals that range from the chimps to the reptiles we have at the center. These all need a home, life and are a hope for our children to enjoy the wonders in our life time.

We shall day tours and long stays for those who are participating as animal keepers, volunteers etc. Visitors will view or participate in activities of as per species or activity during their stay. At time of formulating this write up, these include; chimpanzee, Rhino, Antelopes, Donkeys, Zebras, Camels, small monkeys, Giraffe, Pig family, Ostrich, African Buffalo, big cats, education, animal health, maintenance, animal farm, administration, Information technology.

The famous botanical gardens adjacent this place will treat you to calm serene shores of Lake Victoria where you will be able to see different species of trees with 300 years plus. Medicinal and botany researchers find this place amazing. Birders are greeted by different species of birds that inhabit this region

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