Uganda is Africa’s best safari – kept secrets. With landscapes that range from snow-capped peaks on the equator, through the broad endless savannah grasslands, tropical rainforests to the semi arid-desert, as well as wetlands of international importance, Uganda is one of the best countries to visit for safaris.  Our Uganda safari packages are famous for nature walks, game viewing boat cruises, tracking the rare Trekking Mountain Gorillas plus primates watching tours  without forgetting to interact with Ugandans and their rich culture

We provide well planned Uganda safari options that enable you to see the best National Parks with mountain gorilla tracking and game viewing tours and touring the best picturesque in East Africa lake Bunyonyi, available in Luxury, mid-rate and budget safari options and very affordable!

Popular Uganda Tours and Sought-After Uganda Safaris.

Uganda express safari of 2 days, 3 days are available that allow one to visit almost all what Uganda offers. It is a truly exceptional natural experience of enjoying our ideal weather conditions, ranging from the warmth of the lowland areas and lakeshores to the coolness of the highlands. Ideal for your wildlife safari  holidays

Uganda scenery is different, the vegetation is different, the climate is different, and, most of all, the People are different from anything elsewhere… in the whole range of Africa”-Enjoy the Ugandans hospitality, familiarize with their culture, and cross to Rwanda for mountain gorilla tracking.

Very interesting to find Snow on the Equator  and very fascinating to hear and believe. Ruwenzori mountains “ the mountains of the moon” springs in the rift valley and creates a landmark block with snow-capped peaks of Megharita, Speke, Stanely, and Gesi throughout the year. Seasonal hikers and the experienced mountaineers will be treated to the new challenge of a lifetime of 7 days in the mountain

No1 Uganda Park : Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park- Mountain Gorilla trekking safaris
Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is famous for mountain gorilla trekking safaris. Bwindi is the home of mountain Gorillas.  Bwindi is situated in the South-Western part of Uganda on the edge of the Western Rift Valley.  Bwindi is 331 square kilometers. Bwindi contains half of the world’s mountain gorilla population. Mountain gorillas have been habituated to allow gorilla tracking. The park is also home of over 120 mammals including primates, elephants, and antelopes. The bwindi national park is also famous for bird watching safaris and this park is famous for over 350 bird species including over 20 Albertine Rift endemics. Gorilla tracking is the major tourist activity taking place at Bwindi impenetrable forest National park. Over 18 Mountain Gorilla family groups have been habituated to allow visitors to view and track gorillas in their natural habitat.  To carry out Mountain Gorilla Trekking tour, you need to book and pay a gorilla tracking permit. Travel Hemispheres will help you to secure your gorilla permit and arrange for your gorilla trekking safari. Gorilla permits are scarce and are sold in advance on a first come first serve basis. You need to reserve and book your gorilla permit in time to avoid missing the opportunity to trek mountain gorillas. Bwindi is one of the richest parks for flora and fauna in East Africa. The park is also a  sanctuary for monkeys, chimpanzees, and bird species. Bwindi is 6-8 hours drive from Kampala. Park Headquarters are located at Buhoma and can be accessed by public means and Today gorilla trekking starts from different points – Buhoma, Ruhija, Kisoro, Kabale, Rushaga and Nkuringo.   All these points can be accessed from Kampala by road and by air. Aerolink operates scheduled flights to Kihihi accessing Buhoma and Ruhija families and from Kisoro accessing gorilla families of Nkuringo, Rushaga and Kisoro
No 2 Uganda Park : Murchison Falls National Park- famous for wildlife safaris
The Mighty Murchison fallsMurchison Falls is Uganda’s largest National park in Uganda.  Murchison Falls National Park derives its name from the famous  Murchison Falls where the mighty water of River Nile explodes through a narrow cervix gorge of 43m  down and flows down to form a placid river.  The wildlife here is in plenty and include the herds of elephant, giraffe, buffalo, and varieties of antelopes plus famous cats lion, leopard, and chimpanzee population at Budongo forest.  There are scheduled boat call them to launch trips on waters of River Nile up to the bottom of the falls and others to the delta towards Lake Albert.   On the banks of the River, prolific wildlife can be easily seen and include crocodiles, schools of hippos, lion, giraffe and countless bird species. Murchison falls is famous for game drives in the northern bank. Take morning game drives looking for wildlife safaris on the Buligi, Albert, and Queen’s tracks in the northern part of River Nile. At Nyamusika cliffs you can enjoy and view elephants, lion, and many more. A tour at Murchison falls is incomplete if you do not visit the fascinating top of the falls. You can hike to the top of the falls from your boat cruise to experience the best views of the falls. Murchison falls is our oldest national park and has a variety of magnetic appeal to a variety of wildlife safari with 76 mammals species, 451 recorded bird species and best luxury lodging facilities at Paraa Safari and Chobe Safari Lodge.
No3 Uganda Park : Queen  Elizabeth National Park
Queen Elizabeth National park is the most visited park in Uganda. It contains a traditional Big Five lion, elephant, buffalo and leopard. Queen Elizabeth National park is famous for bird watching tours and has the highest recorded over 600 bird species.  The park is located in the western arm of the Great East African Valley and covers 1978 sq km.  It includes remarkable eco-systems – from semi-deciduous tropical forests to green meadows of African savannah grasslands and swamps. This park is famous for climbing lions found at Ishasha southern sector of this park where lots of wildlife safaris are found.  Queen Elizabeth National Park was designated a Biosphere Reserve for Humanity by UNESCO auspices in 1979 because of the importance of conservation and protection of wildlife and natural resources. Queen Elizabeth National park offer great sight seeing of the Western Rift Valley, the snow-capped Rwenzori mountains in the horizon,  great plains of savannah grassland and tropical forest,  the two lakes of Lake Edward and Lake George cutting across and the famous Kazinga channel connecting these 2 lakes and providing lots of bird watching tour  enthusiastic lots of fun and wildlife safaris a  very pleasurable satisfaction. The dramatic scenery is largely due to volcanicity that took place here million years ago creating the Great Rift valley rising from 480m to 910m along the Kazinga channel extending to Katwe crater explosions  providing superb views of numerous craters, some filled up by lovely lakes, as well as towards facing the Rwenzoris and the Rift valley floor. The famous Kazinga Channel is 40 km long connecting lakes of Edward and Lake George provide the parks’ prime wildlife viewing and the shoreline is full of a variety of bird species. At Kyambura gorge , habituated chimpanzees are tracked in 100m deep gorge at the floor of the rift valley while viewing many other primates . Queen Elizabeth National park offer day and night game drives looking for wildlife safaris. Morning evening and night game drive in our open rooftop 4x4 vehicles with knowledgeable guides offer our clients lasting memories while exploring this park. The Kasenyi Track is famous for all wildlife viewing lion, Uganda kob antelopes – waterbucks, bushbucks and many more.  For those looking for luxury ad relaxation,  accommodations like Mweya Safari Lodge, Katara Lodge, etc will provide the best complete satisfaction throughout your stay.
No 4 Uganda Park: Kibale Forest National Park- Chimpanzee tracking safaris
This is one of the last surviving Tropical rain forests in Africa.  Kibale Forest National Park is famous for chimpanzee tracking tours.  The park is located north of Queen Elizabeth National park . The park is  a fascinating rainforest  with variety of animal life mainly primates and the stunning one being the chimpanzees.  Kibale forest is  where you find the largest number of chimpanzees in Africa and other threatened red Colobus monkeys and the rare I’Hoesti monkeys concentrations in Africa. The park is also famous for natural walks looking for other primates , baboons, monkeys bush babies and pottos. The park  hosts over 325 bird species making it a birder’s haven for forest birds of greater tropical African Forests.  Chimpanzee tracking is a primate walk is the major activity taking place here. A natural walk takes place from Kanyanchu park headquarters  and may take 3-4 hours iin the forest tracking chimpanzees and viewing other primates and bird species.  Chimpanzee Habituation experience is another activity not to miss. This experience where this activity takes you through activities to make wild chimpanzees to make them get used to human presence without altering their natural behavior  . Will join other people and guide trackers to take you through a day’s experience in the Kibale Forest National Park.
No 5 Uganda Park: Lake Mburo National Park
Lake Mburo National Park is the closest National Park to Kampala and Entebbe and is located between Masaka and Mbarara Town and is the national park which can be accessed easily and conduct a days African wildlife safari  and  return to Kampala. This beautiful park is jewel in the wilderness where whispers of the world are heard and seen easily. This park is 370 sq km is composed of grassland, wetlands, and acacia woodland.  At the centre of the park is big lake  Mburo which with other 14 lakes form what is the biggest wetland area in within this park. Your African Wildlife safaris in this park   while doing game drive will allow you to see impala, eland, rockhyax, zebra, waterbuck ,buffalo, warthog, leopard, civet, hyena, hippos, crocodiles, and the giraffe recently introduced to this savannah woodland park park. While visiting this park you can day morning and evening game drive looking for wildlife of your choice and even do night game drive in the park for nocturnal s .  Birding tours here offer a lot where by you can view the famous shoebill stork in this park,  and of the  315 bird species and common ones are papyrus yellow warbler, African fin foot, saddle billed stork, brown chested wattled plover , carruther’s cisticola, great snipe, Abyssinian ground hornbill and white winged warbler. The more of this woodland acacia grassland will prize you viewing the Olea species, and Boscia species. Lake Mburo National Park takes centre stage between Queen Elizabeth park,  Bwindi Impenetrable Forest national Park and Kibale National Park famous for chimpanzee and primate tours. This park can be combined with all these parks or ether of the above to get prime Uganda wildlife safari of your choice. For birders  who are limited with time , combining these 3 parks will make Uganda birding tour superb.
No 6 Uganda Park:  Kidepo Valley  National Park
Kidepo Valley National park is one of the magnificent wilderness park  located in Uganda’s remotest Northern East Tip of Uganda bordering with Kenya and Southern Sudan.  The Park is 1442sq km   in area and was gazzeted in 1962 from wild reserve to National park. The park is most specula park of all in Uganda  for its scenery and unsurpassed  in East African safaris. To visitors who come to this park it is breathtaking  park not to be missed while doing Uganda safaris.  The park offer breath taking scenery, of African savannah grassland, mountain land scapes with rugged horizons, with corresponding variety of climatic conditions that allows a variety of flora and fauna to survive here in this park. Equally these conditions provide for variety of wildlife and birdlife. Among the top wildlife attractions here include the lion, elephant , buffalo giraffe and leopard. Kidepo national park host other special wildlife not seen elsewhere in Uganda like cheetah,  bateared fox, striped hyena, aardwolf, caracal, and hunting dogs, the black- backed jackals, bat-eared fox and side striped Jackal. The less common in this park include the greater and lesser kudu, Chandlers Mountain reedbuck, Klipspringer , and didik.  The par also has other more common ones to see like eland found here only and at Lake Mburo National park , bushbuck, bush duiker, defassa, cape buffalo, zebra, jackso’s hartebeest, and oribi. Also special primates found here the  Kavirondo bush baby and it is endemic here.   The park has extensive avifauna of 465 recorded species and 112 bird species are not recorded in other Uganda parks. The spectacular ones being the Ostrich, Secretary bird,  and the Kori bustard are majorly found in this region. The park has more than 77 mammals. The park is  between 600- 800 km by taking different  road access routes and the easiest one is taking Kampala – Karuma – Gulu – Kitgum- Kidepo  to Apoka park headquarters  will take you shorter time that other rotes used to access the Kidepo National park taking around 600km on road.  The park can also be accessed by air. We arrange Charter flights and scheduled flights on daily basis. Uganda flying safaris to Kidepo National park are on the rise to help many people to visit this park. The Park is found in Karamanjong region and is rich in cultural and traditional values. Interested visitors will be able to visit Karamoja settlement communities in their traditional Manyattas, (homesteads) and kraals to see traditional customs stools, spears, headgears, knives , jewellery  and dancing styles.
No 7 Uganda Park:   Mgahinga Gorilla  National Park
Mgahinga National Park is part of the greater  Virunga Massif  conservation region that host mountain Gorillas. Mgahing national park is the smallest of the 3 national parks – Volcanoes, Bwindi and Virunga in Congo and is located between these parks. This park is  home of rare primates – the mountain Gorillas and Golden Monkeys which can be tracked and viewed.  The park is also where you can find dormant volcanoes  that stand simultaneously on the borders of Uganda , Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo .  Also the Park is home of the Batwa people (pygmy)  who used to stay deep inside in this forest . The Batwa trial will avail the insights into the Batwa traditional and forest culture they used to go through. The Most popular activity here is Mountain Gorilla trekking  and Tracking Golden monkeys plus climbing the Volcanoes mountains of Mount Sambinyo- 366m , Mount Gahinga 3474 m and Muhavura 4127m .  The Muhavura Volcano is typical cone shaped mountain and has got best views  in Uganda. Trekking volcano mountain is a day’s activity  and need some mountain hiking experience . The scenery and sightseeing is another attraction of the park  not to be missed. Hiking this volcano passes rocky surface covered by grass and small shrubs, Once on the top will be rewarded with viewing the Congo Basin, mostly the Virunga national Park, Our Queen Elizabeth park, and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park Mgahinga national park can be accessed by road from Kampala to Kisoro is about 500 km  and takes about 8 hours by road.  Today the area has scheduled flights to Kisoro in daily basis. Travel Hemispheres safari company  will arrange for your Gorilla flying safari to this park and Bwindi impenetrable forest national park  gorilla families accessed and tracked  from Kisoro side.  We shall book  and secure  gorilla trekking permit on your behalf and will book your gorilla flying safari . Gorilla permit now cost $ 700.  Gorillas in this park once in while cross into Congo and Rwanda and when it is like that no tracking is taking place but the habituated gorilla families have now stayed in Uganda for more than 3 years without crossing borders. Mgahinga National park supports a diverse of forest and moorland fauna, mostly the localized golden monkeys, 12 bird species, endemic  to the Albertine rift  region, there are other populations of like mountain elephants,  leopards, buffalo, and Colobus monkeys.
No 8 Uganda Park:  Rwenzori  Mountaineering Park
Mount Rwenzori is the highest mountain block range of 5100 meters above sea level in Uganda. This  is legendary snow capped  mountains of the  moon described by Ptolemy in AD 150 on the Equator and used to believed by fiction  to be the source of the Great River Nile whose water fills up Mediterranean Sea  for centuries.  The mountain has distinctive glacial peaks and can be visible far in distance on the peak tops and flow downwards forming rivers. The mountain  offer mountaineering safaris  with  most challenging experience in Africa  after Kilimajaro and Mount Kenya.  The mountain got its local name Rwenjura  ( meaning rain maker). This remarkable landscape of this magnitude extending a stretch of 120 km in length is a block chain of mountains with its Margherita Paeak  5,109m of Stanley complex. The mountain has a variety  of peaks  for mountaineering safari experiencing. The mountain has got astonishing flora rather than fauna. Few mammals can be spotted here 241 bird species have been recorded – the famous one being the Rwenzori Turaco. As you ascend the mountain wil be treated to variety of vegetation cover layers.  Above the bamboo forest which emerge after Bakonzo farmlands will  be joining the Heather- Rapenea zone composed of giant tree-heathers. Will also go through the zones of the giant lobelia  that will graduate you into the Alpine zone  thickets of Helichrysum or ever lasting flowers. We at Travel Hemispheres we arrange mountain climbing expeditions to the  interested visitors. You can arrange with us tailor made Rwenzori trekking tours of 3 days, 4 days, 5 days 6 days or doing the central circuit that may introduce you to lower peaks of the mountain.
No 9 Uganda Park:  Mountain Elgon  Mountaineering Park
With the largest surface area, 4000 sq kilometers of any extinct volcano in the world measuring 50- 80 km wdith provides the fourth highest mountain in  East Africa and the 2nd highest peak  in Uganda. Wagagai peak 4321 meters above sea level  is the highest peak.  It has the largest caldera on top measuring 40 km diameter and is taken to be the biggest  caldera in the world.  The Mountain is located in the Eastern part of Uganda bordering Kenya. Mount Elgon is regional landmark for long time formidable physical feature for both countries. It is believed it last erupted 20 millions years ago and provide fertile soils for the Bagisu and Sabiny who settled on the slopes of this mountain. Again it is believed to have been the oldest and highest mountain on African continent but have been eroded and now is the 4th highest in  East Africa and the 7th in Africa. When you climb this mountain will be exploring a magnificent and uncluttered montane wilderness without the summit oriented approach common to higher mountains. Mountain Elgon climbing is far reaching as  you cross the final ascent of Wagagai peak as you witness the 40 sq km caldera. Tourism activities here involve hiking the mountain following different trails . The mountain has got unique flora and fauna , water falls and enormous caves, scenic peaks, gorges, and hot springs which bubble up to 480 degrees centigrade.  The best time to visit this park is in the months of  June to August and December to March. No major equipment and skills needed provided you are fit and can hike to the peaks. From Mbale town  beeig your base point will choose your trail to follow and proceed to hike the mountain. You can also Visit Sipi falls Sipi falls Sipi Falls is home to a series of three spectacular waterfalls, some of the best Arabica coffee in the world, world class mountain biking and beautiful sunsets! Sipi falls sits just outside Mount Elgon National Park which is the home of an incredible number of bird species as well as being the largest volcanic base in the world. Sipi Falls is a place to enjoy the challenges of the mountains, and also a place just to relax and unwind in a cool peaceful climate. The Lodge is set amongst 17 acres of private grounds, which include the 80m Kapsurur Falls (the second of the three Sipi waterfalls), several caves and peaceful gardens to explore. The Lodge is run with only a small number of guests at any one time making it a very 'home away from home' experience and we pride ourselves on the personal service we offer our guests.
No 10 Uganda Park: Semuliki National Park Tour Uganda
Semuliki national park is an eastern extension of the VAST Ituri forest and forms part of the climatic upheavals of the Pleistocene; this is one of the richest areas for both flora and fauna in Africa. (Especially for birds) Semuliki national park is situated in the remote corner of extreme west of Uganda, in bundibugyo district. It lies on Uganda Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) border within the western arm of the eastern African rift valley. The geographical coordinates are 0 44’ – 0 53’ N – 29 57 – 30 11’E. To the southeast are the Rwenzori Mountains, to the west is DRC and to the north lake Albert. Semuliki national park (220 km2) gazetted in October 1993, is now of Uganda’s newest national parks. The park occupies a flat to gently undulating landform ranging from 670 760 meters above sea level. As all streams and rivers from the surrounding areas era flooded drian into the park plus the poor drainage and topography, many areas are flooded during the rainy season. The average annual rainfall is 1250mm with peaks from March to May and September and December. The temperature varies from 18 c 30 c with relatively small daily variations. It is both the only lowland tropical rain forest and jungle in east Africa and has also been classified as the most semi-deciduous. There are 305 tree species recorded of which 125 species are restricted in semuliki national park, in the eastern part of their rang, or are shared with only one or two neighboring forests; e.g. Isolana, Nesogordonia, Kabingaesism, Ejacis guineesis etc. Three tree species in semuliki are considered to be endangered; Milleni excelsu, Cordia millenii and Lovoa surymertonii. Forest department survey determined that, compared to other forest parks in Uganda, semuliki national park are of exceptional diversity for small mammals, birds and butterflies. Flora and Fauna recorded include 400 bird species (about 60% of Uganda’s total), some of which can’t be found else where in East Africa including some of the continents most spectacular and sought after birds such as Horn Bill, Iyre tailed honey guide. So bird watching safaris  can take the opportunity in Semuliki national park; 63 species of mammals, 9 Species of which are diurnal forest primates (chimpanzees, Mona monkey, blue monkey, vervet monkeys and olive baboons) while nocturnal primates include potos and galagos. 8 species of mammals occur no where else in East Africa; Mona monkey, Forest buffalo, Bay duiker, bee croft’s flying squirrel, pigmy squirrel, little collared fruit bat, water chevrotain and target rat. 30 species of butterflies have been identified including 46 species of forest swallowtails and charaxes (75% of Uganda’s total) plus at least 235 species of moth are classified as restricted. The wide range of species is attributed not only to the forests location, but also to the varied habitats, forest swamp grassland, bush land and extensive woodland. This unique Hot springs habitat is believed to support a number of endemic species e.g. the recently discovered Bwamba mosquito.
Source of The Nile River and Water Rafting
The Nile flows from Lake Victoria at what was Rippon Falls now submerged into Lake Victoria  Near Jinja town. Still the Victoria Nile cuts a raucous passage west across to Bujagali fall before it falls at the Karuma Falls and through the narrow pillars of Murchison Falls towards Lake Albert. Finally the Albert Nile meanders along a slow wide corridor into Southern Sudan and to the Mediterranean Sea.  Jinja 1 Day tour will take you Jinja and explore Jinja Town and the source of the Nile.
White Water Rafting
White water rafting takes place at Bujagali Falls as the river starts to discover the best-kept secret. More than 4000 miles in length, the mighty Nile is the longest on the planet. It roars to life as the White Nile (also known as the Victoria) minutes after slipping quietly from Lake Victoria. Huge standing waves leap from the clear blue skies and rock walls vibrate from the power of the thundering rapids.

Be among the first to experience the breathtaking thrill and excitement of the Nile water rafting from this point of Bujagali falls.  Travel Hemispheres will help you accomplish a day’s excursion that you will not forget in your life time.
Ngamba Island
This is a home orphanage chimpanzees rescued from captivity. The island is located on Lake Victoria near Entebbe. Daily day trips chimp viewing goes at specific time in the day. You will experience the habituation of these closest cousins. There are daily boat transfers in the morning and afternoon. Chimpanzee viewing takes place at raised stand at different intervals while they are being fed. It requires a ½ day’s excursion from Entebbe. Clients who wish to have an overnight and carry out nature walk with chimps go another stage of medical approval by the Ngamba authorities. This can be an additional excursion to your long safari with us.
Uganda Wildlife Education Center & Botanical Gardens
Uganda Wildlife Center formerly known, as Entebbe zoo is located in Entebbe town and is  another fascinating place to visit. This place offers Uganda at glance.

The famous botanical gardens will treat you to calm serene shores of Lake Victoria where you will be able to see different species of trees with 300 years plus. Medicinal and botany researchers find this place amazing. Birders are greeted by different species of birds that inhibit this region.
The Abayudaya Community  of Uganda Celebrate "Pessa" Instead of Easter

As Christians embark on the celebrations of the Easter  weekend, the Abayudaya community celebrate  a different activity all together. The Abayudaya community, which is stationed at Nabugoye hill in Namayonyi Sub County in Mbale district, practices Judaism. Rabbi Gershom Wambedde, the spiritual leader of the Abayudaya Community in Uganda says that they are celebrating “Pessa”, which marks the departure of the children of Israel from bondage in Egypt.

Christians celebrate Easter to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Rabbi Gershom Wambedde says that Pessa is remembered as a day God sent Moses to rescue the Israelites from Egypt and led them to Canaan, the Promised Land.

The abayudaya of Uganda ( Jews of Uganda )  celebrate the  whole week, which is  marked with drinking of yeast-free wine which they call kidush, unleavened bread and green vegetables in a gesture to share the suffering of the people around the world. Gershomnotes that the world is characterized by pain because of poverty, tyranny; diseases and illiteracy, which he says have been brought about by unfaithful mankind.

The 800 members of the Abayudaya community lead a life devoted to traditional Jewish practices. They observe the Sabbath and holidays, attend services, follow dietary laws, and cling tightly to traditions in their small synagogues. Surrounded by Muslims and Christians, facing poverty and isolation, these people have maintained their Jewish way of life for four generations since the initial conversion of their tribal chief Semei Kukungulu in 1917.

Even during Idi Amin’s reign of terror when synagogues were closed and prayers held in secret, the Abayudaya did not abandon their beliefs. Its founder, Semei Kakungulu, broke away from the church initially because of a personal quarrel with the British. Subsequently, his adherence to the Old Testament brought him to Judaism. Until his death, Kakungulu maintained his oppositions to the use of medicines, believing that the Bible forbade it. He even refused to let his cattle be inoculated.

On this issue there were many misunderstandings between Kakungulu and the British administrators, and when the latter inoculated 1200 heads of Kakungulu’s cattle against his wishes; he decided to donate the cows to Government. Despite his encounters with Jews, who certainly told him that the use of medicines was not against the Law, he did not retract his opposition to doctors and medicines. Kakungulu died in Mbale on 24 November in 1928. Kakungulu was survived by four sons: Yuda Makabee who was apparently sickly but refused medical care, Nimrod, Ibulaim Ndaula, and Israel. Ibulaim Ndaula became a Christian after his father’s death.

Travel Hemispheres has arranged tours to visit the Abayudaya Jews of  of Uganda for many years. For visitors to go through this experience will be associated with  this fascinating people. Be prepared to donate some things, items  to help these people for their remembrances.
What you can see on safari In Uganda
In terms of size, Uganda is the richest country for birds in Africa. Birding tours here can spot  300 species in a single day. No other area in Africa can match its amazing diversity of habitats and this richness is reflected in its ever-burgeoning bird list of over 1000 species. Amongst these are many special endangered birds such as shoebill stork, standard winged Nightjar, the great blue Turaco, the Green broadbill, and numerous endemics of the Albertine Rift Valley that are rare to find elsewhere. on Uganda safari Uganda has a unique description which cannot be close to the truth….situated in the fertile heart of Africa, astride the Equator boasts of wide diverse of landscape, from rugged snow capped mountains, the vast flatlands stretching to the horizon, Uganda offers visitors a wealth of breathtaking scenery , with range of broad savannah, rain forests to arid – semi desert , plenty of wetlands and abundant fresh rain forests. It is within such charming climate that has natured and protected the mountain gorillas that still survive on earth. It is estimated that not more than 600 still survive on earth and that those still surviving live in the environs of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park in south western part of Uganda. Every visitor coming to Uganda would wish to get into contact with these gentle giants moreover our distant cousins. Uganda should treat gorilla tracking as the pinnacle of the tourism industry in the country if they are to continue attracting more numbers of tourist visiting the country and increase passes tovisit these gentle giants. Below is my gorilla experience. The spectacular scenery of undulating hills, the legendary mountains of the moom- Rwenzoris that provide challenging climbing expeditions and the Nile offering challenging white water rafting. The warmth of Equator and the cool breezes of Natural forests and mist mountains generate a tender climate throughout the year not to be enjoyed anywhere else in Africa. Uganda’s tourism wealth can be discovered in the following national  parks: • Queen Elizabeth national park • Murchison Falls national park Bwindi Impenetrable Forest famous for gorilla trekking safaris • Mhgahinga, • Semuliki, Kidepo  for wildlife safaris • Lake Mburo National parks. • Freshwater Lakes, and Rivers and Islands – Ssese Islands • Other than parks there are natural forests- Budongo, Maramagambo, etc. Uganda’s cultural history has made it one of the most visited by tourists.
Where is Uganda
Uganda is land locked country in Africa. Uganda is located in the East African region that borders Kenya in the East, Tanzania, Rwanda in the south , Sudan the north and in the west DRC  Congo. Uganda lies along the Equator  and the famous lake Victoria the largest fresh lake in the world is located here shared by the 3 east African countries.  Uganda is  a beautiful  country  with enviable flora and fauna showcased at different spots and corners of its boundaries. It is home to the biggest population of the prized Mountain Gorilla, the primate chimpanzees, beautiful weather, source of the mighty River Nile, Africa’s largest fresh water body- Lake Victoria, lush greenery, landscapes, vast wildlife, birding experiences, cultural showcase, Uganda is good for  adventure Uganda safaris ,  peaceful the with the happiest people in the world. This can be seen where you travel at beaming faces and throughout with  enviable nightlife and much more.
Why should everyone visit Uganda safaris
Uganda is a highlights reel of the African landscape. With its dense misty forests, snow-peaked mountains, glassy lakes and sprawling savannas, it’s no wonder Winston Churchill dubbed this the ‘pearl of Africa’. While mountain gorillas are the allure for many visitors, there’s an astounding variety of attractions for tourists. Having stepped out of the shadows of a deep dark past under Idi Amin and the Lord’s Resistance Army, Uganda is no longer a country to be feared – and widely regarded as one of Africa’s safest destinations. Whether it’s wildlife safaris, trekking volcanoes, white-water rafting or just kicking back on the beach, Uganda has the best of Africa covered. Here are four unmissable Ugandan experiences – and where to find them: Gorilla Tracking One of the quite essential Uganda experiences is tracking mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and nothing quite prepares you for the first glimpse of black fuzz amidst the dense foliage. The adrenaline kicks in when you’re up close to the imposing figure of a silverback and it’s all very Dian Fossey through leaves and twist, turn and somersault for your entertainment. Gorilla permits will set you back a hefty US $ 700 but don’t think twice about forking out for this genuine once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Keep in mind that a portion of the fee goes to the park and gorilla conservation initiatives, helping to ensure their survival. All the animals, minus the crowds  While it lacks the recognition of its big-name neighbours like Serengeti and Kruger Park, Uganda’s national parks boast all the animals, minus the crowds. Murchison Falls is Uganda’s largest park where you can follow up your morning wildlife drive with a cruise on the Nile to the base of the falls – the perfect way to view elephants, buffalo, crocs and loads of hippos while you relax with a beer on the boat. Head to Queen Elizabeth national park  for a better chance of spotting the elusive leopard or otherwise its trademark tree-climbing lions. Few tourists make it as far north as Kidepo Valley, but those who do are rewarded with not only the best selection of animals, but some of the most spectacular scenery in Uganda. And if you’re hoping to tick off the Big Five, add Ziwa Sanctuary to your itinerary to get up close to white rhino, which you track on foot.

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Safari adventure starts at Kigali – Rwanda and ends in Uganda offering gorillas, chimps and a variety of wildlife… Read More

Popular Uganda Wildlife Safari Tours
Uganda is a Holiday paradise for watching wildlife safaris and tours. Uganda offers a wide range of diversity of wildlife animal species in a spectacular natural landscape ranging from lakes, rivers, savannah grasslands, tropical forests, and mountains. Uganda offers the big five in plenty, lion, elephant, giraffe, hippo rhino, and buffalo.

zebras lake mburo

6 Days Bwindi, Queen Elizabeth and Lake Mburo National Park Our outstanding… Read More

Game Viewing and Wildlife Safari Tour

7 Days Game Viewing and Wildlife Safari to Uganda Are you on working visit to Uganda or have 1 week to spend on…Read More

wildlife safari uganda kob

8 Days Wildlife Safari in Uganda Call it Uganda Safari Highlights that will take you to Queen Elizabeth national park for wildlife viewing and Bwindi Nationa… Read More

Uganda Wildlife tours

A well planned Uganda safari option that enables you to see the best National Parks with gorilla tracking and game viewing tours and touring the best picturesque in East Africa… Read More

Popular Uganda Chimpanzee Tracking Safaris and Chimpanzee Tours
Uganda is the world’s leading premier primate viewing destination due to its large population of chimpanzees. Uganda primate tracking safaris involve tracking chimpanzees at Kibale forest national park, at Kyambura and Kalinzu at Queen Elizabeth National park and even at Murchison Falls at Kaniyo Pabidi at Budongo Forest.

3 Days Chimpanzee Habituation Kibale

6 Days Bwindi, Queen Elizabeth and Lake Mburo National Park Our outstanding… Read More

Uganda apes circuit safari tour

7 Days Game Viewing and Wildlife Safari to Uganda Are you on working visit to Uganda or have 1 week to spend on…Read More

2 days chimpanzee tracking Kibale

8 Days Wildlife Safari in Uganda Call it Uganda Safari Highlights that will take you to Queen Elizabeth national park for wildlife viewing and Bwindi Nationa… Read More

Uganda Primate Watch safari ,wildlife safari    

A well planned Uganda safari option that enables you to see the best National Parks with gorilla tracking and game viewing tours and touring the best picturesque in East Africa… Read More

Popular Uganda Birding Safaris and Birding Tours
Uganda Birding tours will avail special bird species like the shoebill stork and numerous endemics of Albertine Rift Valley that are difficult to be found elsewhere on African soils. Our Bird Guides are knowledgeable and will help you to identify more than 100 species in a single day here in Uganda.

Birding tour at Mabamba in Uganda birding safaris

Mabamba Swamp is located on the fringes of Lake Victoria, looking for many of the Victoria specials, including White-winged Warbler… Read More

Uganda Birding Tours

8 Days Uganda birding watching tour safari. Uganda is one of the leading birding destinations. Over 1000 bird species can be listed in a single day. This 8 days will allow…Read More

Birding safari in Uganda

This Birding tour in Uganda allows you to visit new areas of interest, off beaten tracks such as mountain gorillas, eco-tourism, and bird watching sites that have… Read More

Uganda bird watching tour

20 Days Uganda Hardcore Birding Safari Uganda welcomes Hardcore Birding safari enthusiastic’s. Our 20 day birding… Read More

Popular Long Uganda Safaris and Long Trips to Uganda
Thinking about doing a long Uganda safari which will combine many national parks to give you the best of Uganda safari holiday. Uganda offers you beautiful countryside, natural friendly people and lots of wildlife and birdlife to give a very adventurous safari experience.

16 days Uganda adventure safari Holiday

Our 16 days (15 nights) vacation tour to Uganda will take you to Murchison Falls National Park, Kibale Forest National Park… Read More

wildlife at Lake Mburo

8 Days Uganda birding watching tour safari. Uganda is one of the leading birding destinations. Over 1000 bird species can be listed in a single day. This 8 days will allow…Read More

giraffe at Murchison falls park

12 Days Uganda Wildlife Holiday Tour Our 12 day Uganda wildlife safari is Spectacular for a variety of attractions to be… Read More

Uganda Wildlife Safari Tour

Uganda attractions are spectacular, the scenery of undulating hills, the legendary mountains of the moon- Rwenzoris that provide… Read More

Popular Short Uganda Safaris
Uganda destination offers a lot in terms of short stay where you can enjoy short Uganda safaris of 2,3,4 and 5 days. Uganda has a rich flora and fauna providing habitat to plenty of wildlife animals, plenty of birdlife, and interesting primates in our Tropical forests

The Mighty Murchison falls

3 Days Murchison Falls Uganda Safari Tour Murchison Falls National park is the largest national park in Uganda. This park has received the biggest number of… Read More

Climbing tree lions

If you have a few days to spare after a conference, our 3 days to Queen Elizabeth National park, this is an ideal trip and the perfect way to…Read More

african elephant Uganda

12 Days Uganda Wildlife Holiday Tour Our 12 day Uganda wildlife safari is Spectacular for a variety of attractions to be… Read More

Kidepo Safari

5 Days Flying Kidepo Valley Wildlife Safari Kidepo Valley National park is a spectacular park in Uganda. By flying wildlife safari to… Read More

Popular Uganda Mountaineering Safaris – Uganda Hiking Safaris
Uganda offers the most challenging mountain of all African mountains. The Rwenzori Mountain ranges with its peak at 5109m make it among the tallest in Africa. Uganda volcano mountaineering tour will consist of three challenging peaks to climb in southwestern Uganda

Rwenzori Central Circuit Trail

3 Days Murchison Falls Uganda Safari Tour Murchison Falls National park is the largest national park in Uganda. This park has received the biggest number of… Read More

Mount Elgon 8 Days Hiking

If you have a few days to spare after a conference, our 3 days to Queen Elizabeth National park, this is an ideal trip and the perfect way to…Read More

Hiking to Mt. Gahinga

Mt. Gahinga (3474m) ´Small pile of stones’ On your way to the park, look out for a small pile of stones in the garden fields. Mountain Gahinga is quite bigger than the average… Read More

Hiking to Mt. Muhavura

Mt Muhavura (4127) ‘the guide’ Mountain Muhavura can be Seen from all over Kisoro, it’s volcano is capped by a small but pretty crater lakes which acts as a guide. … Read More

Popular Uganda Safari Holidays
Uganda Holiday safaris will combine seclusion, comfort, in luxury tented lodging facilities, offering extraordinary contrasts of comfort in the wildness. Enjoy luxurious tour retreats at our Uganda national parks with personal settings, spacious, airy, furnished tents, and well-stocked bars to be enjoyed after every day’s holiday activities.

Kibale and Queen Elizabeth National Parks Uganda Wildlife Safari

3 Days Murchison Falls Uganda Safari Tour Murchison Falls National park is the largest national park in Uganda. This park has received the biggest number of… Read More

Uganda Wildness Tours

10 Days Best of Uganda Safari Touring Travel Hemispheres will arrange a breathtaking 10 days best of the Uganda safari almost touching major…Read More

Uganda giraffes at Murchison Falls

8 Days Uganda Safari Holiday Tour This 8 days Uganda safari takes you to tour Uganda national parks of Murchison Falls and Queen Elizabeth Parks plus… Read More

8 Days Uganda Safari Holiday Tour This 8 days Uganda safari takes you to tour Uganda national parks of Murchison Falls and Queen Elizabeth Parks plus … Read More

Popular Uganda Flying Safaris

3 days gorilla flying safari

Travel Hemispheres championed flying safaris in Uganda in 2007 . We have been conducting flying safaris since then. Both… Read More

Kidepo flying Uganda Safari

Kidepo Valley National Park is one of the leading wildlife safaris park in Uganda. Among the various species to see within this park are the Hunting dog, Bat-eared Fox,…Read More

The great Migration

10 Days Bwindi Flying Safari Lake Manyara /Serengeti/ Ngorongoro/Uganda fly in and Tanzania Fly-in wildlife safari The 10… Read More

3 days murchison safari

5 Days Flying Kidepo Valley Wildlife Safari Kidepo Valley National park is a spectacular park in Uganda. By flying wildlife safari to … Read More